Kashmiri Hand Painted Baubles Assorted Designs

Kashmiri Hand Painted Baubles Assorted Designs

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Kashmiri Hand Painted Baubles, exquisitely hand-crafted,  papier-mâché ornaments.  Made by skilled Kashmiri artisans, providing sustainable and fair work. 

Each bauble is totally unique & comes in it’s own box.

Our Paper mâché baubles are made by our team of exceptionally skilled artisans.  Our artists use the traditional technique to form the products. This beautiful technique involves the method of mixing paper pulp with water which is later given the shape of the mould. As the pulp is dried, it is removed from the clay mould, giving the desired shape, cut into forms and glued together. Artists then start the decoration of the baubles on the surface. The colours used are made from organic pigments (plants and minerals), diluted in water and painted on the surface of the object. Once decorated, the products are then given a lacquer coating which protects them from any water damage and gives extra durability. The finished masterpiece reflects the keen attention to detail and sheer effort put in to produce such extraordinary aesthetic work.