Mexican Birds Stencil by Annie Sloan

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The Meadow Flowers stencil features delicate blooms of cow parsley, daisies, fritillaries and clover.

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These Mexican Birds are inspired by traditional embroidery and design from Mexico. Use bright clashing colours which we think works well with this design or try use tonal shades for a subtle statement.

These stencils are made from washable plastic making them reusable for multiple projects.

Apply your stencil with either a Sponge Roller or Stencil Brush, taping your design down for ease of application. Further instructions and ideas are on the packaging.Sheet size: A4

Design size: 232mm (9.1″) x 160mm (6.3″)

Aftercare: Clean your stencil by soaking in warm soapy water and gently rub off the paint without scrubbing.